Jeremy Corbyn is not the radical future for Labour

It is clear that Jeremy Corbyn has electrified the debate over the future of the Labour Party. Thousands of people who felt the Labour Party no longer spoke for them have rushed to join. Sadly they have been joined by thousands of others who hope that the Party never speaks for anyone and see a vote for Corbyn as a way of consigning Labour to the electoral desert. The Party may be weeding out some of the opponents infiltrating the system but can they identify them all in time?

Even without the Labour Party’s opponents skewing the ballot, Corbyn has a strong chance of success. What an appealing message he has in many ways. We don’t like austerity, so let’s abolish it. We don’t like high corporate pay, so let’s ban it. We don’t like the world as it stands, so please stop it and let us get off.

Sadly the destination of a Corbyn-led Labour Party is not a radical future but a reactionary past. A reaction against the harsh realities of the modern world. A radical future does not involve turning the clock back, it involves facing the challenges of the current age with a progressive approach. The state cannot deliver prosperity alone, so how do we work with the private sector to bring economic success without inequality and injustice?

A radical future isn’t a return to the discredited socialist approaches of the past, long rejected rightly by the British people. A return to that will indeed consign Labour to the electoral desert.

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